As mechanical devices are worn down during normal operation, the motorcycle requires regular inspections and services.

- What is NITRO ?

NITRO is the Note Book d’Inspections Techniques Régulières et Obligatoires. With the purchase of a motorcycle Keeway, this latter comes up with a maintenance book called NITRO , essential document for the periodic revisions book. The adjustments must be made by a technician trained by the technical service department of KEEWAY MOROCCO.

- Why is it mandatory?

Firstly, it is mandatory to assure the product quality, but also to keep a valid warranty. In order to keep your coverage, please request the certificate stating that the RPO has been recorded.

- Are the RPOs expensive?

At Keeway, we apply a standardized pricing policy at an accessible cost. Thus, the price of each RPO is the same at all the KeePOINTs in Morocco.

Keep your KEEWAY motorcycle as new!

Please select Model and Kilometers and obtain a detail of the Maintenance required for your Keeway.

Access to your RPO information available for your vehicle

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At KEEWAY, we are sure about the high quality of our products, but we are also interested in keeping this quality level during all the time you are using your KEEWAY motorcycle.



This manual provides information about the warranty policy that covers Keeway motorcycles. The product that you have acquired does not represent any health or safety risk for you or third parties as long as it is used under normal and expected conditions and in compliance with the laws and regulations in force. This vehicle must not be used by those who are not legally allowed to do so, or those who have not been properly trained before obtaining the license, or those who are under the effects of drugs or alcohol. All the recommendations included in this manual must be strictly followed and any failure to comply with them results in a loss of coverage.


Une "Warranty" est l’engagement par lequel le contractant assure la qualité d'un objet vendu, l'exécution ou le respect de quelque chose. Même si nous sommes très confiants quant à la qualité et à la fiabilité de nos PRODUCTS, nous restons conscients qu'une erreur humaine ou technique puisse exceptionnellement survenir et affecter l'une des parties du véhicule. Notre objectif reste avant tout d’assurer le propriétaire des exigences formulées continuellement par RIM COMMERCE auprès de ses agents agréés KEEWAY afin d'offrir le meilleur service à nos clients.


This warranty does not cover any expenses related to travelling or accommodation of people or vehicles, trailers, medical assistance, loss of earnings, physical damage to the user or third parties, whether transported or not, or any type of property damage. RIM COMMERCE. only covers those products manufactured or imported by such company from the date on which the product is delivered to the final user. The warranty applies if any of the covered parts has manufacturing defects in the material within the warranty terms (time or kilometres) and only under normal operation conditions. Such defects will be repaired according to the terms stated in this warranty.

Motorcycles (*): 2 years or 24.000 Km.



For a valid warranty, the vehicle must be registered by an authorized KeePOINT at the moment of the purchase. For a list of authorized KeePOINTS, please visit : keeway.ma/en/


In order to support a warranty claim, RIM COMMERCE. requests the user to comply with some maintenance and operation requirements for the vehicle. During the warranty term, only KeePOINTS authorized by RIM COMMERCE. may conduct any service to your vehicle. The vehicle must be kept in good condition and any strain beyond normal operation must be avoided. During the warranty term, only lubricants recommended by RIM COMMERCE. must be used and all the mandatory regular inspections (RPO) must be conducted. Otherwise, the warranty will automatically be rendered ineffective.


This warranty does not cover repairs of damages deriving from misuse, abuse, accidents or negligence, or the following:

  1. Vehicles where their original settings have been altered.
  2. used in competitions, including time trials, competition with another vehicle or any type of use where abnormal stress is required.
  3. Vehicles without correct maintenance, cleaning or without the corresponding mandatory regular inspections (RPO).
  4. with altered distance counter (odometer).
  5. Vehicles used for rental.
  6. Parts worn down by normal use: spark plugs, brake pads and linings, clutch disks, tires, upholstery, electrical components, suspension elements, etc.
  7. Vehicles that have been used with inappropriate oil or lubricants.
  8. Electrical circuits altered by alarms or other electronic devices that are not original or authorized by RIM COMMERCE.
  9. Vehicles serviced by KeePOINTS not authorized by RIM COMMERCE. or that have non-original parts.
  10. RIM COMMERCE. does not cover any loss of earnings.
  11. This warranty does not cover any costs deriving from mandatory regular inspections (RPO) or routine services.


The transfer of warranty will be effective when the new user proves that he/she has made the corresponding change of ownership of the vehicle according to the regulations in force


The distributor or the Authorized Service Center must state in the corresponding warranty card the kilometer shown in the replaced speedometer and the date of replacement.


For a better service of your Keeway vehicle and to have valid warranty coverage, you must follow carefully the user manual that is delivered with the unit. In addition, please note that:

  1. During the first 1,000 km, you must not accelerate more than 1/2 of the accelerator.
  2. During the first 3,000 km, you must not accelerate more than 3/4 of the accelerator.
  3. Do not exceed the maximum weight.
  4. Do not keep constant speeds for very long periods.
  5. If you have to exceed the maximum speed before the first 3,000 km, please make sure you do this for a short time.
  6. Control the pneumatic pressure on a regular basis.
  7. Do not push the vehicle to start it.
  8. Conduct all the mandatory regular inspections at an authorized KeePOINT.
  9. Although maximum acceleration is tried, the maximum speed can only be reached after using the vehicle for about 4,000 km.

The useful life of the engine depends on an appropriate break-in process. Any misuse leaves easy readable sings in the mechanical components that will result in a loss of coverage.